Virtual Data Room Software for Collaborative Data Sharing

Virtual Data Rooms have become one of the most requested digital solutions for businesses over the past few years. As a result, the VDR market is overflowing with different offerings from providers for companies of all sizes and industries. Users appreciate the level of security and other flexible tools to improve the productivity of their transactions that virtual data rooms can provide. This article highlights a list of the most secure and flexible VDR solutions.

VDR iDeals Review

The iDeals Digital Data Room is a one-stop solution that combines all the features you need to meet your business needs. These solutions are secure, flexible, and customer-centric. The program interface is very easy to understand so that you can get up and running immediately after purchase. iDeals serves a variety of business sectors of any size, from small pharmaceutical companies to large investment banking companies. In addition, VDR simplifies boardroom management with a separate boardroom app.

iDeals is a reliable provider because it provides quality physical and virtual security. The provider’s data centers are located on every continent, and the server offers 99.5% uptime. In addition, VDR has some of the best international security certifications and produces continuous document backups. Security features include two-factor authentication, encryption, single sign-on, remote destruction, and dynamic watermarks. iDeals also offers eight levels of access permission based on user roles. Customers also note the simplified document sharing and organization and consider the program has customizable branding to be a significant advantage.

VDR Intralinks Review

Intralinks Data Room works with the financial, legal, and energy industries and is mostly only suitable for medium to large businesses. VDR provider is one of the first VDR solutions, so it has a slightly outdated interface. Nevertheless, users note its top-notch data protection, which it achieves through watermarking, detailed access permissions, AI editing, and encrypted archiving. Intralinks also allows one to collaborate on documents with just a mouse click. Flexible document management manifests itself in features such as:

  • Single-step document approval
  • Mass uploading, permission functions for access to folders and files
  • Automatic indexing
  • Document templates
  • Integrated AI document analysis

Also, customers note the quality of customer service and communication tools where users can chat before making a transaction.

VDR Datasite Review

VDR provider Datasite is another of the top providers in our review that offers customers data management flexibility, strong security, and features to simplify and accelerate transactions. Datsite’s principal security features include:

  • Compliance with international ISO and GDPR security certifications
  • Two-factor authentication to protect logins
  • Flexible access permissions for both individual users and groups of users

Combined with other security features, Datasite becomes virtually impregnable to any cyberattack. But despite the complex security structure, the provider provides simple and automated document management features that will save you time on routine work. Finding the document you need is easy with Optical Character Recognition, and internal artificial intelligence allows you to access the documents you need quickly. AI categorization tools and document previews make organizing and managing your document flow even easier. In addition, Datasite offers a clear, centralized space and a responsive support team, and it always stays in touch. The provider has been providing VDR services for a long time and has more than 50 years of experience, so it’s hard to find a better solution.